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Removal of cheque payment method:

  • Clearing house clients cannot add a new client fund with a cheque payment method.
  • Existing client funds may continue to be paid via cheque until 30 June 2015 but we recommend that you change to electronic payments sooner if possible.
  • For more details, log in to QuickSuper and view the ‘Removal of cheque payment method’ document under the Downloads section.

End of financial year

  • The cut-off for the 2014 financial year is Monday 30 June.
  • We strongly encourage you to get your payments in early to ensure that all end of financial year payments are reflected in members’ benefit statements. You can also claim a tax deduction for monies received in the 2013/2014 financial year.
  • If making a contribution via QuickSuper, the time that it takes for a fund to receive your payment will depend on the way you are paying QuickSuper and the way QuickSuper is paying the fund.
  • As many choice contributions are paid by cheque, you will need to allow sufficient time for the cheque to be delivered and deposited by the fund. For example: if you pay QuickSuper via direct debit on Tuesday 17 June, the payment will be cleared on Friday and then the cheques printed and mailed on Monday 23 June.

Customer Support - for existing QuickSuper customers

New BSB Payment Details

  • QuickSuper, the clearing house solution HESTA offers employers, has new banking details. You’ll receive the new banking details when making a payment or electronic funds transfer (EFT).
  • Your account details and reference number should not change.
  • You can still make payments using the existing bank details but they’ll eventually be switched off.
  • If you have any queries, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 1800 813 327.